Judy Ogden, Founder

Judy Ogden is an artist and a designer – an expert with vision, imagination and knowledge far beyond the garden. She has built from scratch a highly-respected business that now includes a talented and knowledgeable staff, a roster and range of satisfied and loyal clients, an extensive nursery, and a fleet of landscaping vehicles and equipment.

Ogden’s began and grew by Judy’s hands. From early days, people would ask Judy’s advice and assistance. She would advise. And she would do. She would do the planting, the masonry, the mowing, the maintenance. She knows everything because she has done everything herself. She knows every piece of equipment, because she has driven it or used it. When there was too much to do, she began to get help, and Ogden’s was born.

Judy is a native and resident of Long Island. She lives in Head of the Harbor and is a Trustee of the village. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and is a graduate of the Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program. Judy’s earlier work included management of the crops and grounds of Benner’s Farm, a popular educational homestead in Setauket. Judy is regularly invited to speak and to teach at garden institutions, including the New York Botanical Gardens, Bayard Cutting Arboretum and the Cornell Cooperative Extension, as well as numerous garden clubs and horticultural organizations. She has also been a guest on local radio and television programs.

“Being first an artist shaped my perspective as a landscape designer. In art school, I learned how to look at things and how to see from different perspectives. If I had gone to landscaping school first, I’m sure I would see things differently. I’m grateful for the natural progression from fine art to gardens. In large part, that progress explains who I am.”

Affiliations Include:

  • American Bamboo Society
  • American Conifer Society
  • American Horticultural Society
  • American Rhododendron Society
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • New York Botanical Garden
  • New York State Nursery /Landscape Association, Inc.
  • Perennial Plant Association
  • Royal Horticultural Society
  • Suffolk County Master Gardener Society of Cornell Cooperative Extension

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