Natural Plant Care

A healthy garden is achieved through bed maintenance and ongoing garden development. Our approach to garden health is organic in the sense that we work with pest-resistant products and designs. We are constantly observing and adjusting.

Our natural plant care approach evolves from a combination of organic farming and integrated pest management – together creating a garden that requires minimal pesticide use, if ever. We work from the premise that a plant does not develop a pest problem unless it is stressed. Our efforts are preventive and pre-emptive. Our success is due to the variety of plants installed in the right environment and managed correctly. We grade beds, plan walkways and ensure that moisture is always moving. Proper soil preparation, irrigation, drainage, aeration, plant selection and plant placement – healthy specimens and proper care – these are the environmental factors that affect plant health.

And when pests or disease do arrive – we advise appropriate treatment methods. We do not recommend spraying. In fact, there are no pesticides on the Ogden’s farm and nursery. We can treat plants and we can move plants. We can advise according to what you want. Our experience is that the feel of the garden changes with pesticide use – you can feel, smell, taste the chemicals. We know when they are there and they are foreign. Pesticides are a last and rare resort.

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