Maintaining the garden is the life and the future of the garden. Installing the plant material and the walls and pathways and patios is only the beginning. Your garden will keep getting better and better. Growing and filling and becoming lush and lived in. And more than that. Expressing itself, showing its best and revealing its challenges. Our specialty is bed maintenance. Yes, we clean and clear and trim and keep lovely. And much more. We want you to enjoy the entire four-season cycle – to know the flowers, the blooms, the bark, the foliage, the berries, the bareness and the early growth. And we want to teach you and train you as you wish. 

Maintenance is the most varied and most long-term aspect of our relationship with our clients. We’ll tailor your maintenance program to be what you want, what you need. Our maintenance services can be scheduled weekly, monthly, seasonal or on demand and can include lawns, flower beds, trees, irrigation. We will manage your irrigation system – an area in which we have special expertise. We also have a lot of fun helping our clients with seasonal garden dress – for Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Winter Holidays and other special occasions.

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