Judy Ogden, Proprietor of Ogden’s Design & Plantings, Inc. enjoys lecturing on a variety of topics at garden clubs and horticultural organization on Long Island.  Topics include:


Herbaceous Perennials:

Learn not only about different plants, but also how to care for and successfully grow them in your garden.  This one hour lecture gives a wonderful overview of some common and not so common herbaceous perennials for sun, shade and part shade conditions.  Specific plant care techniques, as well as cultural requirements are reviewed.  Plants for English borders, woodland shade gardens, Japanese gardens and cutting gardens are some of the many plant types that are included. Detailed handouts combined with a slide show complete the program.

Flowering Shrubs and Woody Ornamentals Part I:

Do you know if your shrubs flower on old wood or new wood? Do you know how to properly prune to promote more flowers? This exciting one hour lecture helps us learn how to care for a wide range of flowering shrubs.  Plants that bloom every month of the year are included, even in the winter! Learn more about how to successfully cultivate these plants in your Long Island garden.  Detailed handouts combined with an outstanding slide lecture make for a jam-packed presentation.

Flowering Shrubs and Woody Ornamentals Part II:

Due to popular demand we’ve expanded our Flowering Shrubs Part I presentation. There are just too many plants to fit in an hour.  Wonderful slides detailed handouts make this an exciting lecture for the beginner or experienced gardener.

Eco-Logical Gardening Part I:

Who thought talking about the “How To’s” of gardening could be exciting, but Ms Ogden makes it so much fun you won’t  want her to stop.  This is a detailed version of “Right Plant, Right Place”.  Learn how to evaluate the environment so that you can make the proper plant selections when developing your garden.  Details on soil amendments and natural fertilzers are discussed in detail, as well as how to properly select plants so that you purchase the healthiest plant stock possible.  Detailed handouts combined with slides make for a stimulating one hour presentation. 

Ecological Gardening Part II:

Learn how to identify plant pests and treat them in an environmentally friendly way.  Review various pest problems through detailed slides, and then discuss the range of options for treatment. Detailed handouts combined with slides make for a stimulating one hour presentation. 

Care of Hydrangeas:

This is a brand new lecture for all you hydrangea lovers.  A great Powerpoint presentation to help you learn about the different types of hydrangeas, when to prune, changing flowerhead color, etc.  Detailed handouts combined with a Powerpoint presention make a wonderful one hour presentation.

Winter Garden Preparation:

A special Powerpoint lecture for the late fall and early winter to help with putting the garden to bed.  Detailed handouts combined with an one hour presentation will interest all.

Native Plants of Long Island:

Another new lecture which covers many of the wonderful native plants we find here on Long Island.  This wonderful Powerpoint presentation along with detailed handouts will entertain and delight you.


For more information or to schedule a lecture please call us at (631) 473-5064 or e mail us at public@ogdens.com