Ogden’s Philosophy

Establishing your outdoor gardens and living area is about you, your lifestyle, your house and grounds. Our job is to help you determine and then achieve what you want – what you like, what makes you feel good, what smells nice and looks pretty to you. Your garden is a year-round personal space and we are here to facilitate that discovery and that creation.

Ogden’s is an award-winning landscape design company geared towards horticultural excellence. Established in 1991, we continue to grow to meet the needs of our clients. Our approach integrates horticulture, ecology and personality, along with tribute to architectural and historical integrity. Ogden’s multi-faceted services encompass landscape design, installation and masonry, as well as lawn and bed maintenance.

Designing and installing your gardens is only the beginning. The most wonderful gardens are achieved through bed maintenance and ongoing garden development. The nature of a garden is to change and progress. As we continue together, we work, change, grow and improve. Our ‘third eye’ is always observing, always aware.

We have our own nursery so we can grow the perfect plants that are not found easily but are right for your garden. Or we might travel to find or attain the perfect something. We have great ideas and so do our clients. And we go the distance to find what we need to honor those ideas.

We practice natural plant care – meaning we prepare the soil and the property the right way to minimize stress and keep moisture moving. And whenever needed or requested, we work with equally talented arborists, irrigation specialists, pool designers and lighting designers.

Your garden is an extension of your home and of your self – an expression of what you find important, fun and beautiful. Our job is to make it your place to enjoy – to remove worries or concerns, to solve problems and to create your haven. We design, we create, we maintain. We help you to make your very special and very personal garden possible.

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